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Choices Rehab

Thank you for visiting ChoicesRehab.org, where you can expect to receive the highest level of medical and spiritual treatment an alcohol & drug treatment facility can provide. Our staff consists of highly trained and experienced professionals, that will help educate you and your family along the way to recovery, whether you need detoxification treatment or drug and alcohol rehabilitation or both in the state of Pennsylvania.

Affordable Rehabilitation

It doesn’t matter what kind of addiction you may have, whether it be drugs or alcohol, the staff at our alcohol and drug rehab center is both equipped and experienced to handle any need you have. If you need to detox first, we can provide a medical detox that will allow you to come off of the drugs you were on, slowly and comfortably. We can provide the care and the medical attention (including drugs) that will help your body safely get over it’s dependency.

After being evaluated by our medical doctors you will begin the process of stabilization where you will learn what your road to recovery will be like, while receiving the support necessary to get through it. There is always a psychological dependency on the drug or alcohol of choice that is waiting for every addict that gets over the physical aspect of drug and alcohol abuse.

#1 Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

We address the whole person, not just the addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction starts from somewhere in a persons life where there is either trauma or difficulties. Memories of place, people, and events that are suppressed and placed in a do not enter zone of the mind. In order to reach that place it is important to first get the addict off drugs.


A Day at Choices Rehab


Here is a snap shot of what your day might consist of at Choices Rehab.

At Choices you will get a healthy and effective mixture of personal times of reflection and mediation, group time to interact with others, and time to spend with professionals. We will guide you through the process of connecting all the pieces of a wholesome lifestyle while identifying triggers and overcoming addictive behavioral patterns.

You will enjoy a structured, comfortable, and guided treatment program that will enable you to stay focused and concentrate on your recovery, while giving you the time and privacy needed to keep them feeling whole and independent.


Financing is available for Treatment


If you are without insurance or do not wish to use your insurance to pay
for treatment, we have solutions for you.

Financing is available through many sources depending on your credit
score and history, as well as what your needs are.


"Choices helped me get my life back!"
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